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League 1 is over! Congratulations to all the winners.

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Insane AI merges gaming and fitness to present the first ever league-format home fitness challenge. Your smartphone camera powered by AI will monitor your performance and progress, as you compete 1:1 online in an epic tournament. Exciting rewards worth INR 2.5 lakh including Optimum Nutrition protein, Trell goodies and more, for the top 100 participants!

Win Fit Battles, Earn Trophies, and Climb up the Ladder!

When you start a workout in the BFL, your phone camera counts your reps. Every workout is a battle - and you earn trophies for winning the battle!


Earn trophies to climb up the ladder. Remain consistent and make progress over the 21 days of BFL to win amazing rewards. All that matters is that you stay consistent and make progress.

The Insane Bangalore Fitness League

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Your camera counts your reps

Workout in front of your smartphone - no images are sent to cloud. AI on your camera will track your performance and allow you to compete in 1:1 fit battles

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Level up over 7 leagues

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Earn protein and goodies

Win Fit Battles to earn trophies and progress from the Noob league to the Grandmaster league!

All participants who progress to the final league will earn Optimum Nutrition protein, Trell Wellness Box and gift vouchers. Consistency over 21 days is the key!

Bodyweight fitness format

No equipment required to get fit. Our routines have been designed by Crossfit and Animal Flow experts to get you an amazing full-body workout everytime.

Develop a habit

Get deep metrics

Did you know that 21 days of practice is what it takes to form a new habit? Be consistent, and by the end of 21 days you will look forward to your daily workouts.

Get a detailed report of your performance at the end of every workout. Track your weekly progress and become stronger 💪