Game Designer


Mainstream fitness formats are a primitive solution to the modern problems of a sedentary lifestyle. At, we are merging gaming and fitness to change the way people workout. Imagine playing Mario - but instead of using a joystick, you move around to control the gameplay, do exercises to battle monsters, and complete missions by doing workouts. We are creating unique fitness experiences at the bleeding edge of technology. Our vision is to build a platform that enables shared virtual fitness experiences, or the fitness metaverse, powered by our technology. We have raised seed capital from pi Ventures and notable angel investors, and have been featured in several media publications.

Join us and you'll help build the future of fitness.

Position Summary

Do you want to own and shape all the elements of a great game: its setting, structure, rules, story flow, characters, interface design, level design, progression systems, and modes of play? Do you know what it takes to design compelling gameplay which gets you hooked? This design role works with a multi-discipline team to fulfill the positioning and primary feature requirements. You must be able to fulfill game-related design, writing tasks and assist in implementing features to drive development.  If you are adept at analyzing playtest results and feedback, and tuning features to create the best player experiences this job may be for you!

Major Responsibilities

  • Design and Document  - Develop fleshed out feature designs and complete thorough documentation for all assigned features.

  • Assist in implementation  - Work with the development team to utilize the tools provided by the project team to implement gameplay as directed.

  • Assist in driving feature development - Constantly review the progress of the game and adjust the implementation of assigned features to match the vision.

  • Assist design group  – Provide feedback to other designers on ideas, features, gameplay, and design documents and contribute actively to brainstorming sessions.

  • Communicate Game Vision - Be prepared to provide a concise and complete presentation on the core vision of the game or assigned areas of the game to any audience.

  • Regular Playtesting - Remain knowledgeable of the entire game throughout production to ensure productive playtesting sessions and to provide actionable feedback.

  • Competitive Analysis - Periodically play and complete analysis of relevant competitor’s games and features.

  • Be self-driven - Produce work in an efficient and timely manner, adhering to an agreed-upon schedule.


  • At least one or more shipped titles on multiple platforms preferred

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • 2+ years of design experience

  • Extensive knowledge of games in many genres across all platforms

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively document original ideas and concepts

  • Strong interpersonal skills—able to interact with team members of different disciplines

  • Willingness to respond to and adapt to constructive criticism

  • Deep passion for games as a craft

  • Good positive attitude and outlook

  • Experience with multiplayer games, AR/VR games preferred

  • Fitness enthusiast preferred

  • College degree in related field preferred

  • Candidates for this position should be prepared to provide samples, including game scripts, design documents, and/or writing samples

We’re looking for candidates with 2+ years of relevant experience or extensive projects. Please write to with your resume.

What to Expect

When you join Insane AI, expect to be a part of a small and selective group of highly motivated folks. You will work directly with the founding team. We offer high autonomy and expect ownership of results in return.

Once the pandemic lifts we will work flexibly, combining working from home and in the office. Only candidates who can work in our Bangalore office a few days a week will be considered.

Our office has a training area, a gaming area, and a reading area.